As you evaluate whether Opus Financial Solutions would be a good fit to serve your needs, it may be helpful to know which types of clients have found our financial planning, investment management, and tax reduction services valuable in the past. The categories below are not intended to be exclusive or limiting, but the majority of our clients generally fall into one or two of the categories below. While these categories may be representative, the best way to determine whether we can help is to reach out and set up an introductory call by filling out the "Get In Touch" section at the bottom of the page. 

Those in or approaching retirement

The idea of "retirement" represents very different things to different people. The traditional retirement - stop working, travel a bit, maybe downsize, slow down - is no longer the base case for many. Some look at retirement as an opportunity to pursue a second career, some plan never to technically retire, and yes, some will pursue a more traditional form of retirement. 

There are commonalities to consider:

  • Planning for longevity risk in order to not run out of money
  • Planning for Medicare and other medical expenses
  • Planning for legacy to provide for children, family, or charity
  • Electing a Social Security strategy which is right for your plan
  • Developing a tax efficient distribution strategy

We work with those in or approaching retirement to address these issues and more. 

High Net Worth or High Income Individuals and Families

As incomes and assets rise, so do the complexities associated with planning

  • Planning for higher tax brackets
  • More options to maximize retirement contributions
  • The need to protect against a loss of income due to death or disability
  • An appropriate distribution plan to take care of minor children
  • Saving for college and/or private schools

We help higher net worth or higher income individuals to plan for the complexities associated with wealth. 

Executives and Business Owners

Executives and business owners typically fall into the higher net worth and/or higher income groups. However, the nature of their asset structure makes planning a little different. 

Business owners typically have a substantial portion of their wealth tied to an illiquid asset - their business. We help business owners to understand the context of their business value to their personal wealth and goals. This includes utilizing the options available to small businesses to save for retirement, protecting families against the loss of business value if the something happened to the owner, and more. 

Similarly, executives commonly have the opportunity to invest in their employer via stock options or restricted stock. There are significant tax and liquidity implications to consider when investing in company stock. We can help with the analysis.


Early Accumulators

For many younger families, there is a point where they realize they can use some help with planning and investments. Our typical early accumulator client is early to mid-career and has reached a point where they are making enough income to have some excess savings available. 

We help these families and individuals to prioritize their goals by:

  • Help with budgeting and prioritizing expenses. 
  • Providing early investment recommended strategies, including allocations within company retirement plans like 401(k)s. 
  • Evaluating the need to protect against an income loss due to death or disability. 
  • Balancing the need to plan for retirement, paying for college, and often buying a first home. 
  • Making sure the right documents are in place to protect loved ones. 
  • and more...

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