Lisa Louise Bayer CFA, CFP®, MBA


After graduating from the University of Illinois in Finance in 1985, I launched my finance career, which included myriad roles before founding Opus Financial Solutions, including securities compliance, investment analysis, institutional portfolio management, and teaching investments and financial planning topics at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Those roles and hard-earned education and financial designations converged methodically to shape my final career choice as a Wealth Manager and Financial Planner.

My objective as an advisor is to help my clients create road-maps for their financial lives, helping them stay disciplined, and improve and/or be aware of the implications of the financial choices they make. That requires me to listen and truly understand my clients' past, present, and anticipated journey before offering strategies and solutions. While I'm an analyst at heart—actually enjoying the technical research and number crunching aspects of my job—I see my primary service as helping my clients attain the freedom, peace of mind, and ability to live as they choose.

After graduating in finance from the University of Illinois, I obtained my MBA in International Business from DePaul’s Graduate School of Business. I later attained my Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) and Certified Financial Planner (CFP) designations in order to provide the highest level of financial counsel to my clients. Additionally, given my personal experience with divorce with young children, I developed an expertise in divorce financial planning in order to help people make more informed financial decisions in divorce matters and make the process of divorce less painful and less expensive. I've served as both a divorce advisor, financial neutral and mediator for individuals and/or divorcing couples (Refer to “Pre-Divorce Planning” for more detail).

I grew up in the Chicago area and serve clients across the United States. In my spare time, I enjoy spending time in natural settings hiking, camping, mountain-biking, skiing--or whatever the weather dictates. I have served in many volunteer roles over the course of my life, mostly relating to educating and mentoring the underprivileged. Thus far, one of my greatest joys has been watching my children—both recent college graduates--evolve into kind, smart, empathetic human beings who I believe will change the world for the better.

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