A key component of wealth creation and preservation is minimizing taxes.  However, many clients have two financial professionals:

  1. a financial advisor who provides tax strategies but is not well versed in the tax code; and/or
  2. an accountant or CPA who understands taxes, but simply takes your information and puts it into the return and files it.

At Opus Financial Solutions, while we will always try to work closely with our clients’ CPAs, we have found that there is often a need for a more streamlined, integrated tax solution, and as such, we offer a consolidated solution that integrates financial planning, tax planning, and the ultimate filing of the tax return. This approach allows us to identify opportunities early and make adjustments as well as plan for other situations that are effected by your tax return (i.e.-Medicare premiums, FASFA filings, retirement plan contributions, etc.).  

Doing projections of the tax return to identify various scenarios can be extremely valuable in meeting your goals. And as an authorized IRS e-file provider, based on the service model you select from us, once the plan is constructed and implemented, your tax return can be finalized within Opus Financial Solutions as well.

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