We know our clients require a specific return and risk preference over time so that they can achieve their lifelong goals. Therefore, in constructing our clients’ investment plan, we work to assure it aligns with their financial requirements and goals, including college or retirement savings goals, liquidity needs, tax status, health, risk tolerance, unique situations and investment time horizons.  We also pay a great deal attention to the amount of risk they can sustain to assure it doesn't interfere with their overall lifetime objectives.  Because high fees can detract from goal achievement, we emphasize no-load, low cost mutual funds and/or ETFs and are typically able to provide the lowest cost institutional share classes available.

For our higher net worth clients, tax efficiency takes on a greater focus, as does capital preservation, downside protection, and assuring that we have a close pulse on their overall lifetime spending requirements and estate planning goals. 

In all cases, based on our ongoing due diligence and evolving market or economic circumstances, we employ strategic and tactical investment strategies, regular rebalancing of the portfolio, tax loss harvesting strategies, and place an emphasis on tax-conscious asset location and both upside capture and downside protection. Like some wealth management firms, we are not a “model-only” portfolio shop, as we believe there are significant shortcomings with that business model, including potentially triggering big tax bills unnecessarily, not reflecting external assets, and/or not aligning with a clients changing financial circumstances. We refuse to take the easy path when it’s not in our clients’ best interest.

As an added service with Opus, clients’ external accounts (such as 529's, annuities, bank accounts, mutual funds, employer 401Ks, restricted stock and stock option accounts, loan accounts, donor advised funds, trusts, etc.) can be automatically “linked” to our portfolio management system so that our ongoing recommendations for rebalancing or changes incorporates a client’s entire portfolio—not just a portion of it.

We provide 24/7, secure, web-based viewing access to your portfolio positions, transactions, and performance, where you can also store and access all of your important financial information and documents.

We have a secure online meeting platform and serve clients across the United States. To set up a complimentary call or meeting, please fill out the “Get in Touch” information below.