Comprehensive, Personalized Financial Planning

Opus Financial Solutions'  Comprehensive Financial Planning Services are focused on helping our clients organize their financial goals and concerns and creating an action plan to address them with personalized analysis and recommendations.  A financial plan will typically address things like:

  • Your near term and long term personal and financial goals
  • Needed savings and/or budget targets to achieve these goals
  • A suitable investment plan based on your risk profile and requirements to reach these goals
  • Optimal investment vehicles to build your wealth
  • Ongoing strategies to minimize your tax liabilities and preserve your wealth.
  • Risk management strategies to address risks that could get in the way of achieving your goals
  • Discipline and guidance in times of market volatility
  • Strategies to optimize retirement options such as social security, pensions and withdrawal sequence.
  • Specific counsel for college, buying a home, building a business, entering marriage or divorce, or for those suffering an illness or approaching end of life

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