Are you looking at only part of the picture?

We are baffled by the lack of holistic financial planning in this industry that we believe is essential to address a client’s life needs and objectives. Some advisors (real and robo) focus solely on a client’s investment portfolio rather than the myriad interdependent components that can determine the difference between sound and less than sound financial decisions--and possibly the difference between a delightful and a financially troubled retirement.

This “tunnel vision” is reinforced by gauging the success of an advisor solely by comparing a portfolio’s short-term, quarterly performance against a basic stock index. We reject that notion. While it’s important to understand one’s relative investment performance, “returns” are just one component of a longer term financial life strategy which includes other core elements such as goal setting, tax minimization, downside portfolio protection, education or retirement planning, inflation hedging, liquidity requirements, a predefined level of income generation, insurance needs, employer benefit assessments, risk management, or estate planning.  Each of these items can significantly impact the others.

A Better Model for Financial Counseling?

For example, there are few firms that offer proactive and congruent financial and tax planning, which is essential for maximizing after tax returns, cash flows and wealth.  At Opus, rather than having to work separately with a financial advisor and a tax advisor and hoping the stars align, we can handle your tax planning and preparation needs in a proactive, forward-looking, strategic manner.

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